Whether you need safe, clean flooring for your industrial space or you want to turn your commercial floors into a piece of artwork, PROS has the solution you need.  Discover the best concrete coating options for your business with our team of dedicated professionals. From epoxy to concrete coating flooring, we have the expertise to tackle any project. With a wide range of customization options, our high-grade solutions will bring your space to life.

Transform your home or business with durable and cost-effective epoxy floors. With its glossy finish, seamless installation, and endless color and pattern choices, epoxy flooring adds beauty to any room. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, saving you money on repairs. Don’t wait any longer – be the envy of your friends with a stunning custom floor. Get that luxurious look without breaking the bank – choose epoxy.

Suitable for garages, basements, lobbies, and bathrooms, our custom epoxy floors are exceptionally durable and water-resistant, perfect for high traffic areas. Say goodbye to scratches and chips – epoxy flooring is built to last. Why wait? Give your home or business a beautiful makeover with our Pros Floors services today!

We go above and beyond to not only deliver top-quality work but also provide excellent customer service.


Epoxy and concrete flooring solutions are the most durable option for any commercial or industrial flooring application.

Clean & Safe

When safety and cleanliness matters most, PROS epoxy flooring solutions are the answer.


Our floors work overtime to be not only the most durable, clean and safe option, but also the most beautiful.

Sometimes floors need to do more. Our specialty floors and floor signage can help organize your space in a way that increases safety and gives you the durable finish that you are looking for.  Experience unbeatable levels of protection with industrial concrete coatings. Designed to resist abrasion, chemicals, and heat, these coatings are the ultimate solution for a wide range of industries. Automotive, aerospace, marine, and construction sectors all benefit from the versatility and stability of industrial epoxies. Say goodbye to corrosion, extreme conditions, and varying climates. Embrace the revolutionary power of industrial epoxies.

Create a safer work environment with industrial epoxy flooring. This durable coating not only protects your floors from wear and tear, but it also provides a secure surface for walking. Spills and messes are no longer a concern as they won’t penetrate the underlying material. Cleaning up is simple and easy. Say goodbye to slips and falls with slip-resistant epoxy finishes, ensuring employees have greater stability. Enjoy a bright and reflective sheen that enhances your workspace and increases visibility in dark areas. Contact us today for your Free Estimate!

Transform your business or home into a modern art gallery with metallic epoxy floors. Created using the most advanced materials and technologies, these unique finishes offer eye-catching reflective surfaces in an array of mesmerizing colors. Not only do they add visual appeal to any area but also provide utmost durability for high-traffic spaces such as lobbies, showrooms, or garages; all while ensuring your floor is protected from wear and tear. No need to worry about maintenance – simply keep it clean, reseal every so often to maximize shine and luster and your floors will last for years.

Transform your home or business with a dazzling display of modern artwork – right on the floor! Metallic epoxy floors bring unprecedented texture and style to any space, featuring an array of vibrant colors that glimmer in the light. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but these hard-wearing surfaces provide superior protection against wear and tear while standing up to foot traffic from busy lobbies and showrooms alike. With minimal maintenance needs for long-lasting radiance, metallic epoxy floors will be surefire conversation starters every time you have guests over.


Our commercial floor coatings are the perfect choice for any business looking to bolster their workspace with enhanced durability, eye-catching aesthetics, and improved safety. Combined with its resistance to abrasion and easy cleaning capabilities – critical in busy work environments – make this fashionable floor an ideal addition that can provide both beauty as well enduring protection against moisture infiltration from spills or chemical buildup. A customized appearance of colors and patterns combined create a stunning look splendidly suited for high traffic areas such as warehouses and garages.  For businesses looking to enhance the look and function of their workspace, commercial epoxy flooring is an ideal choice. Not only does it offer superior protection against moisture, chemicals, heavy traffic – such as warehouses or parking garages – but also provide a custom-designed array of styles and patterns that can give any area an eye-catching aesthetic appeal. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, this high-performance finish provides excellent resistance to abrasion for those busy day-to days in business environments where sanitation needs are consistently met from its durable surface making clean up easier than ever before.

So much more than floors…

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